Groku Interpack

Plastic buckets for the food and non-food industry, presented in a clearly structured trade show event.


Presentation in the open, freely accessible area of a booth architecture with a clear design language is successful. Platforms made of light maple decor panels stand on a matte white floor, on which plastic buckets invite interaction - touching and rearranging is allowed!

The white floor area is interrupted by a diagonally arranged inlay, which leads to the information counter and at the same time demarcates areas of communication and presentation. The consistently recurring color and material selection give the booth calm aura and focus the product presentation.

At the rear of the booth, a wall rises up that is visible from afar, interrupted in the middle by a massive block that houses the supply rooms and forms the backing behind the information counter. This is the ideal placement for the large backlit logo.

To the right and left are podiums that serve as meeting zones, framed by half-height partitions of satin-finished glass, inviting visitors to have a quiet chat. At the same time, the hustle and bustle on the booth can be observed – everything is in view.

Groku Interpack
Trade fair architecture
Mick Vincenz